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How 3D Printing Can Preserve and Restore the Past

How 3D Printing Can Preserve and Restore the Past
3D scanning in combination with 3D printing now makes it possible to create all sorts of physical objects. This technology has become so advanced that it helps to preserve or restore historic artifacts that no longer exist. Let’s take a closer look at how 3D printing is currently being used to help protect and even recreate the vanishing... Read more

Star Prototype Sponsor Robotic Race

Star Prototype Sponsor Robotic Race
The first ever Cybathlon Competition will take place in Switzerland this October, 2016. The international competition is for disabled athletes using exoskeletons and other wearable robotic devices. Teams from universities and corporations all over the world will come together for the event to showcase their latest developments in advanced assistive devices, including robotic technologies. This year, Star Prototype is supporting one... Read more

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See our Factory

Join us on a tour of our factory in Zhongshan, China. Over the last ten years, STAR has grown to include more than 200 engineers, designers, technicians and other professionals to help create world-class prototypes and fast turnaround, low-volume manufacturing. Here you get an overview of our services in additive and subtractive manufacturing in a world-class shop fully certified to ISO9001 and 14001 standards.

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One Man One Mold

Star Prototype manufactures very complex Aluminium tools in less than 10 days using a process called OneManOneMold®. The molds can include sliders, lifters, handloaded inserts etc. The level of STar Prototypes expertise is unusual for the Chinese market and currently a one-of-its-kind.


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