CNC turned part

Meter Pump Nozzle

Job Specification:

Project: Meter Pump Nozzle
Processes: CNC turning
Lead Time: 10 days


Primary Fluids, Inc., is Canada’s leading provider of metering pumps, valves and other flow control systems. They developed a new, high-precision pump accessory which required three slightly different versions, and they had a very short lead time. Star Prototype was able to deliver, from start to finish, in ten days.

How the part/component was made:

A solid blank of stainless steel was turned on our Doosan Lynx 235 CNC lathe. There were two particular challenges on this project. One was to machine a series of grooves along the tapered external nozzle. This required the use of a 2mm ball-nose cutter in a CNC mill. The second challenge was to bore a very accurate center hole. Bores are more accurate than drilling but also demand careful attention to detail.

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STAR delivered these parts quickly and professionally. The prototypes met the high standard I demand from any supplier and are currently being fine tuned before the applications for patent are submitted.

Robert Maxemiuk

Buyer, Primary Fluids Inc.

My aim for STAR is to position it at the forefront of technological development in the rapid prototyping industry. This process has already seen us invest well over £1million in new machinery and technology during the last two years and will certainly see us invest considerably more in the near future.”

Gordon Styles

Managing Director, Star Prototype Ltd.


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