One of the biggest concerns customers have when dealing with China is the ability to be understood by the sales people and engineers that deal with their projects. So, when I first came to China I was absolutely committed to offer a service that would put customers completely at ease – a full western style service with great English speakers.

We have always sought to hire the very best English speaking sales people and engineers, but this year we reached a size that allowed us to employ our own English Teacher. Under our new English-speaking program, we allow all 122 employees the opportunity to learn a language. Beginners go to a local college and are subsidized 66%, but the top 60 English speakers have the opportunity to have two free one-hour lessons per week with Jerry Grey. Jerry is a former London Policeman turned English Teacher. After first emigrating to Australia, Jerry moved to China and has taught at some of China’s top language schools in the last eight years.

After serving 10 years in the Metropolitan police Jerry lived 18 years in Australia where he had a successful career in the security industry, he was a General Manager of a division one of the world’s biggest security companies, Chubb. He left Chubb when the company was acquired by the American giant; United Technologies Corporation (UTC). So, rather than look for another “real job” Jerry decided to go back to school and study to be a language teacher. His first job after graduation turned out to be very real and an inspiring job with the University of New South Wales. Working on a special program based in China and designed to help Chinese kids prepare for a place in the Sydney based university. After fulfilling his contract there he decided going home wasn’t his preferred option so he went looking for a local job. Finding one in Zhongshan was his greatest achievement as he also met and married the manager of the language school.

He specializes in teaching young adults and is therefore perfectly suited to working here at Star Prototype with our enthusiastic, young and dynamic team.
STAR now has speakers of seven languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Cantonese and Mandarin and our hope is to continue to improve and expand our language capability for the future.

I, Gordon, personally am very committed to languages. I started to learn German in 1999 and spent over 500 hours one-on-one in a classroom on the Berlitz Total Immersion program; and when I came to China I did the same with over 700 hours with Berlitz learning Mandarin. There is nothing more fun than chatting with friends and doing business with customers in a foreign language.

Jerry in action.


By Gordon Styles – CEO Founder Star-Prototype

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