I am British with a factory in Zhongshan, China. I have lived in China more than 5 years. I have set up 2 companies, and run 3.

As a western foreigner I have never once been offered a bribe, had to give a bribe, or be involved in any corrupt activity in China whatsoever. Some chinese looking foreigners do get involved e.g. the Australian/Chinese Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu who got 10 years for corruption recently.

Clearly corruption abounds in China, but it is mostly the natives. Recently for example, the Mayor of Zhongshan, a lady, was arrested for having RMB 3,000,000,000 in unaccounted for assets.

I also want to make it absolutely clear; central Beijing Government is waging a war against corruption in China. The political centre sees corruption as the greatest single threat to the further successful development of China.

Night after night the local TV stations here pump out Public Service adverts showing public officials of all walks turning down bribes and looking very offended at the very notion that anyone would even offer a ‘red packet’ for doing their duty.

Corruption abounds, but it is most certainly a dieing practice in China. I predict within 15 years China will be the cleanest place on earth to do business.

Gordon Styles

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